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  1. bem

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    I use this charger Fusion Emperor L702B Pro below (with latest V2 firmware) and LogView version

    I charge for example a LiPo battery (Hyperion EX G3, 3S, 3300 mAh, 45C) and get this strange diagram below. Is this really normal behavior for a charger? I have set in LogView "Remove measurement breaks" to get a more even curve. I just want to know if it is some setting in LogView that can cause this somewhat strange diagram or if it is actually my charger that behave like this.


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  2. Dominik

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    Hi !

    What do you think is so strange at that chart?
    For me it looks like a normal charging in CC/CV (constant current / constant voltage) mode.
  3. bem

    bem New Member


    It is the current spikes (lower current spikes) that I do not understand the purpose of. Maybe it is the charger that check the cells internal resistance about every minute? I just want to know if any setting in LogView cause these low spikes in the curve, if no it is obviously my charger that works this way.


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