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  1. dirtyballs

    dirtyballs New Member

    I was wondering when the read log file will be available ?
    Why do I ask, you probably want to know?
    I am developing a Field charger software to control 1 or multiple PL8's
    Take a look here

    This software generates a openformat logfile. I tested it via a COM port, and a terminal program, and it works. But that is not very handy.

    Here a small movie of the software in action.

    I will start with a simple version of the log viewer my self but it would be very nice if could be used with log viewer.

    If you need some one to test it, I really don't mind

  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    This should work.
    But you need the OpenFormat INI in order to import the file into LogView.

    LogView has actually no option to import raw data files. This will be available for LogView V3.

    If you have any other question feel free to leave a message.

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