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  1. Megavvolt

    Megavvolt New Member

    Deepest apologies for not using German - my native language is Russian and English is the only foreign language I know. I thought if I use English instead of Russian more people here would be able to read this...

    Got a PC-link kit here:

    The CD contained a program named "ChargerMonitor". I installed it and it works fine, but I like LogView better...

    Here's the deal: if I first run ChargeMonitor, exit from it, and then run LogView, then LogView perfectly works with the PC-link.

    If I just try to turn on my computer and run LogView then LogView doesn't work with this PC-link.

    Device chosen in LogView is e-Station BC6.
  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi !

    Well i think this is maybe an RTS / DTR problem.

    Try this:
    * Start LogView
    * Tools menu -> Open - Userfolder
    * In the new explorer window search the e-Station BC6.ini
    * try to change these values to 1
    SetDTR                          = 0
    SetRTS                          = 0
    * Save the INI file
    * Restart LogView in order to make the changes active.

    Please give us feedback if this helps.
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