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  1. qv

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    I think a have a problem with my UniLog when I use external temp from UniTest2. I have send this question to sm-modellbau but I get no answer.

    Test setup is UBEC - UniTest2 - UniLog
    External temp is workning OK with UniTest2
    If I connect External temp to UniLog A1 I got two (2)temp on UniDisplay
    If I connect external temp to UniLog A2 i got two (2) temp on UniDisplay
    If I connect external temp to UniLog A3 it is OK
    If I connect RMP to UniLog it is OK

    Do any more have this problem?


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  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jan,

    well I don´t tried this with my Unilog but have you correct the factor and the offset for the sensor? Have a look at the attached picture.

    But it is really curious that it only happens with A1 / A2. Maybe Holger has a better solution for you because he implemented the UniLog / UniTest2 in LogView.

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  3. qv

    qv New Member

    Here is two more piqture with UniLog / LogWiew

    One strange thing i that LogWiew report 3,590V Empfspg and UniDisplay say 5,05V. If I remove UBEC UniTest2 say "3,08Ve" and UniDisplay "0,00VRx"

    LogWiew allso have some problem with temp on A3, I don't have -100 inside my house

    To clarify the setup:
    I use as a "reciver" 2S1P Lipo + UBEC and UniTest2
    I know have 2000µs and 5V on the UniTest2 "ext servo" and I can see this on the UniDisplay.

    On the UniLog I use 60V/80A "strom und spannungsensor" with one 2S1p Lipo and see 8,24V on UniDisplay.


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  4. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jan,

    I think Holger can say something to this behavior. I guess he will give you an answer today.
  5. da_Peda

    da_Peda Administrator

  6. qv

    qv New Member

    The colour of the cable is the same as thp RPM sensor so I don't think a should change it. It is not home made. "nr 2220 Temperatursensor mit magnet" from SM-Modellbau.

    But if a twist it to the right way temp change ~5 degre 25,8 / 30,4.
    On UniTest2 it's change ~10 degre.

  7. Holger

    Holger LogView Team

    Problems are not LogView related

    Hello Jan,

    first of all:
    Like Peter said above, your sensor connection is definitely wrong! See the UniLog manual on page 8 (part of that can be seen on the underlying paper of your first picture).
    If the sensor is reverse connected, then the temperature measurement is wrong and the displayed value falls on temperature rising!

    During the last hours I have tried all the connections of your example. And I did this many times!
    In no case did my UniLog show a strange behaviour like your UniLog! All functions were correct. Even if the sensors were connected wrong, there was no crosstalk to other measurement channels.
    I even flashed my UniTest with the new software V1.18, connected it to the UniLog and double checked the results: No Errors.

    My hardware and the related firmware version: UniLog V1.01, UniDisplay V1.04, UniTest V1.18.

    This is not realy strange!
    You use "ext Servo" and "ext Batt" for the rc-pulse connection beetween UniTest2 and UniLog. In this configuration the external batterie is the supply for the voltage output of UniTest2 and the measured receiver voltage in UniLog.
    Instead of an external BEC I used a real external batterie with 4 cells NiMH. If the Batterie is connected, UniDisplay and LogView show the same value of 5,03V.
    If the Batterie is removed, UniDisplay and LogView display a value of 0,00V. In this case there is a reverse current flow into the UniTest2 output "ext Servo" and the UniTest2 displays 3,09V.

    My tests did not show a difference between the displayed values from UniDisplay and LogView.

    The Excel-Software from sm-modellbau checks if the reported temperature value from the external sensor is equal -100 and omitts the datapoint. (I think this is to report an out of range value.)
    LogView collects and displays all datapoints and this why there can be a reported temperature of -100 °C.
    (Maybe we can or should change this behaviour with the new grafik engine in LogView.)

    I dont know why you get such a value with a proper temperature sensor on A3. Maybe a hardware problem?

    I think you should contact sm-modellbau (Stephan Merz) directly an describe your problems.

    Many greetings,

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  8. qv

    qv New Member

    I send another email to stephan and see if a get some respons. I includ this thread and hope it's helps.

    Thanxs everybody for the help.

  9. qv

    qv New Member

    Item sent to Germany

    I have been in contact with Stephan today and the UniLog is on way to Germany.
    Again thanx for you help.


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