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    I have read up on the open format description available here (http://www.logview.info/cms/d_formatbeschreibung.phtml) and it seems that I should expect to see ascii data flowing from the serial port. However, when I view the data coming from the serial port in a terminal window, it looks unrecognizable. Here is an example of the data I see "¤>>}{ž„„Ѓ€äƒ€……€ƒ€€…†‚€€¨€€Œš²€²„Ѐ€€€Œ»É€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€”¤=>}{ž„„Ѓ€äƒ€".

    I also looked inside some of the *.lov files I've created using Logview and I see very similar data stored there.

    I can use Logview with my charger all the time and it works great, the values are correct and as expected. So, it seems that the data being sent through the serial port is what it should be, but why isn't it formatted according to the description I linked to above?

    Thanks for a great tool!
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    Hi !

    I think you missunderstood some facts ...

    OpenFormat is an ASCII Format which can be used by developers to include their devices into LogView in an easy way.
    OpenFormat is NOT an allround format and we don´t translate the data from devices to OpenFormat !

    The data you show in your post is absolutely correct. It´s from a bantam device (or some of the clones out there).
    But again. This has nothing to da with OpenFormat.
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    OK, that makes sense. Yes, I'm using a Bantam charger. It looks like it is probably a binary format (non-ascii), is that correct? How does Logview know how to interpret the data stream? Is the interpretation built into the software at compile time, or is there a config file somewhere that I could use to modify the binary format?
    Thanks again!

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