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    Hello all, I have recently purchased a new WStech data vario and GPS unit from WStech, the vario is working fine :) and the GPS logger seemed to be too, but....then I upload the file from the vario into log view, it looks OK in Log View and gives nice graphs, then I export a KML file, open Google Earth and import the KML file to see my flight track. The track is displayed correctly, ie. I can see the track the glider has flow and it looks to be the correct scale but is not in the correct location on the earth! The latitude appears to be correct but the longitude is too far east, I estimate 15 - 20 miles east of where it should be?

    I heard from a friend that the GPS needs to be able to synchronize it's signal from 6 satellites (the first time it is set up). so I left the model plane out in the garden for 1 hour with the GPS switched on, but still the Google Earth error as above is present, any ideas?

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