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  1. anevst

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    After installation, I try to run it, but the error message and the program can be closed only by removing the problem in Device Manager. Reinstall and clean registry and a new installation to a positive result does not lead. Software version: v2.7.4.285. The problems started after trying to update an older version of this. Now when you install and run an older version (v have these same mistakes. On my laptop running Windows 7 (32bit) and other applications raises no objections. In what may be the reason?
    Sincerely, Andey.
  2. Dominik

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    Hi !

    Would be great to get the error message EMail (or post it here).

    CanĀ“t beleave this ... Device Manager is for Devices - LogView is no Device ;)

    You can try to delete the complete install folder. Then try to reinstall.
  3. anevst

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    Thanks for the reply, but I have already solved this problem and now everything works fine.

    Regards, Andrew. :)

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