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    Hallo, ich bin Markcm aus den USA. Es tut mir leid, ich spreche kein Deutsch, ich muss für meine www.tranlate.google.com deutsche Wörter. Thank you for sharing Logview diesem Forum!

    Hello, I am Markcm from USA. I am sorry I do not speak German although I have been enjoying this forum with www.translate.google.com/translate_t Translation. I do communicate with fellow German electronics enthusiast frequently and fortunately many Germans do speak English very well.

    I own a Bantam BC6 eSTAION and I found this forum by Google while searching for a better GUI software. Bantam eSTATION software is acceptable for my basic viewing although it is limited in features.

    Although my language barrier added some challenge, it was fairly easy to install Logview 1.15 and Beta_2. I am using the USB interface cable and driver provided with the EAC200 Bantam eSTATION kit.

    Logview is very impressive, many thanks to those who have contributed to its creation!

    I wonder if Logview is compiled in a way that I could help edit language files for English? Are language files used as “includes”? I am not expert, but I have some experience with XML, visual basic and PHP programming. I would be happy to help if possible.


  2. Dominik

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    Hi Markcm,

    welcome to our forum :)

    That´s not a big problem. We create this international area specially for people like you which are not familiar with german language ...


    LogView has a powerful multilanguage engine. We used this engine in 1.15 and it is also included in the upcoming 2.0 version. So translating will be an easy task. We have a special language editor which is used to add additional languages.
    At the moment we don´t use this feature because to many things are changing and it would cost us to many time to fix all the stuff after every compilation. We will add language support as soon as we finish the 2.0. We hope to get it final in febuary.

    Your are very welcome to help translating. I think this would be the best way to get the translation understandable :)

    I will write a newsletter as soon as 2.0 version is finished. Please contact us after that news. I will send you detailed instructions for translating.

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