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  1. Rob Davidowitz

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    I suspect this question has already been asked but I simply cannot find a suitable answer.

    I am running V2.7.5.517 on my laptop and it is working very well - in English with English windows menus, english graphs and all the rest in German which I can get away with understanding with my limited command of German.

    When I install the same software on my PC, I cannot get the system to work in English at all. I have cut and pasted some "solutions" from the RC forums and have got the graphs to display in English but not the Windows menus and neither the rest of the system.

    Is there an english version of this software that I am missing or am I making another mistake somewhere else?

    With Thanks
  2. Dominik

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    LogView V2 is no longer developed. So there is no Version with more english text.

    But you can try LogView Studio. It´s written from ground up in english.

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