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    The DJI-NAZA GPS Time Protocol has a well documented failure which is in the same manner recorded in the FLYTREX CORE device datafiles. Even DJI themselve has "no solution" as they confirmed by email. Therefore it may happen that the Starttime given in LOGVIEW STUDIO shows a "wrong" value. Regarding this please keep in mind that all recorded times from GPS and displayed in LV Studio are UTC. To solve this matter in LV Studio you can adjust the starttime ( to the "real starttime", to "local time" or to whatever the User prefers ) via LV Menu TOOLS - CHANGE START TIME - ADD/REMOVE Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds. This is the best possible workaround up to now. In case you get notice of any firmware correction by DJI or by Flytrex, please comment here so that the LV Studio - Flytrex Device file can be updated accordingly.
    Brgds, Andreas

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