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  1. TriBum

    TriBum New Member

    Is it possible to change the Temperature graphic to Fahrenheit from Celsius. The iCharger 208B is displaying Fahrenheit but LogView shows Celsius. Is the conversion being done by LogView or is the iCharger sending the string with Celsius data. I have changed Messgröße15= Int. Temperature, Einheit15=°F in the Junsi iCharger 208B.ini file but that just changes the label.

    Secondly; Can one change the information shown in Big Letter. I would like to keep track of the internal temperature in Big Letter while discharging.
  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi TriBum,

    I will check that next week. If the Junsi Charger sends the type of temperature we can set it from LogView directly.

    This is not possible with LogView V2. But Holger and I had a developer conference these days. And there will be a new LogView called V3 ... ;) This version has free assignable gauges. So you can view any value you need ...
  3. TriBum

    TriBum New Member

    Thanks Dominik, I look forward to V3. PayPal donation on it's way.

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