LogView Studio

... is the new universal visualizing Tool to record and analyse data.
Lots of innovations are offered and already more than 90 devices are supported.
Further devices will be implemented with the next updates.

LogView Studio is Donationware and we are happy when you like the program and its advantages.
You can support us with donations which are always welcome.
  • Simplified operator interface with new project struktur
  • Graphic User Interface can operate and display any number of windows
  • No limitation of parallel operable devices
  • Runs under Windows and Linux (LvCmd with Mono)
  • Is available with graphical - and command user interface version
  • All data are stored in one database (MySQL)
  • Devices will get their own DLL - no additional files needed anymore
  • Most different data ports can be used (Serial, USB, Network, Web, ...)
  • Integrated powerful webserver with REST API
  • Fully network compatible - LogView Studio can use one database from different computer
  • Projects can be exchanged between Windows and Linux
  • LogView Studio also works on a Raspberry Pi !

Test LogView and download the program now.
You can use this version without restrictions. (It's donationware).
Commercial Use is only allowed with our approval. Feel free to contact us.

Quickstart / Help
Information for Developer


... is a tool to record and analyze serial data (RS232, USB).
  • Can handle most of the available battery charger & data logger.
  • LogView Studio is the powerful successor of LogView V2.
  • LogView V2 will not be developed further.
LogView V2 is still available in the download area.

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